Powermoon® LED-MASTER 400 12v or 24V

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The DC Powermoon® balloons are particularly suitable for operation on road pavers, road rollers or other construction machines by using it directly with the on-board voltage system. Pre-sets for either 12 volts or 24 volts. The complete cable kit for operation on the vehicle’s battery including the power socket for body installation and a DC high-current switch are included with the light!

Supplied cable lengths: From the battery to the power outlet: 13 feet, from the DC power plug to the Powermoon® master light 23 feet. Special cable lengths for larger vehicles on request.

Technical Data:
Lamps Output: 400W
Power Source: 12V or 24V
AC/DC: 41A at 12V, 20A at 24V
IP type: IP54
Light Output: ca. 50 000 Lumens
Light Color: 5500K – 5900K Daylight quality
Weight: 27 lbs
Dimensions: D=35.5 in / H=23.5 in
Battery: >80 Ah for 12V vehicle
>40 Ah for 24V vehicle

Before connecting to the on-board voltage, please contact a specialist and have the cable cross-sections in the vehicle checked for suitability.

Tripod/Stand is sold separately

Due to global supply chain issues, please call to check availably and speed of delivery!! Roy: 865-679-8958