Powermoon® Lightwing Duo

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The POWERMOON® LIGHTWING®, a better alternative to any classic spotlight.The waterproof light system is working both on AC and DC 12V and 24V. The LIGHTWING® has opaque glare reduction glass, glare protection shields and a swivel head foradjusting the direction of the light, thus, glare-free light is achieved almost like with a balloon light by creating a perfect light for the work area.

Technical data:
Lamps Output: 160W
Power Source: 12V = 14A/ 24V = 7A
AC/DC: 6.4A at 110V / 2.7A at 230 V
IP type: IP66
Light Output: ca. 2x 20 000 Lumens
Light Color: 6000K daylight quality
Weight: 19 lbs
Dimensions: D= 20 in / H= 6 in
Recommended Generator Power: 500W

Tripod/Stand is NOT included


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