Powermoon® Towermoon®

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Powermoon® Towermoon® is a complete ready to use mini light tower set for any situation. The Towermoon® has a 240 Ah battery connected to a portable Slider Mini Light Tower stand and comes with a 12 V 400W ca. 50 000 Lumen Light balloon!

Technical data:
Lamps Output: 400W
Power Source: 12V
Current: 41A at 12V
IP type: IP54
Light Output: ca. 50 000 Lumen
Light Color: 5500K – 5900K Daylight quality
Weight of the light: 27 lbs
Dimensions Balloon: D=35.5 in / H=23.5 in
Weight of the Slider: 72 lbs
Max Height Slider mast: 18ft
Battery: 240 Ah
Battery Charger Input: AC Current: 12A/115VAC
Battery Charger Output: 14,4V / 60Ah


**Please call for options on this set up!**


Due to global supply chain issues, please call to check availably and speed of delivery!! Clint: 865-247-3094 Roy: 865-679-8958